Aligning with emerging strategic industries and academic disciplines, SDS pursues interdisciplinary collaborative research tackling pressing scientific questions at the frontiers of knowledge.


SDS assembles top international talents in computer science, operations research, statistics, and other data science fields. Our faculty consists of renowned professors and scholars from world-class universities.


With two Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory, SDS nurtures impactful research initiatives, develops high-caliber talents, and addresses major scientific challenges.

Research Areas

Computer Science

Computer architecture, cloud computing and network security, edge computing, cloud computing and big data, high performance computing, embedded systems, parallel and distributed systems, networked control systems, network science; computer vision, machine learning, reinforcement learning, online learning and learning theory, natural language processing, information retrieval and extraction, text representation learning; data communication, algorithm design and analysis in signal processing, multi-agent systems (discrete event dynamic systems), intelligent transportation and logistics systems, biometric recognition, pattern recognition, image processing, signal processing, system identification, state inference, sensor fusion, nonlinear control, etc.

Operations Research

Operations research, applied probability, queuing models, stochastic models, stochastic simulation, stochastic networks, operations management; distributed optimization, large-scale stochastic optimization, non-smooth optimization, data-driven network modeling and optimization, stochastic and robust optimization, data-driven queuing networks, design analysis and numerical implementation of optimization algorithms; social networks and decision analysis, supply chain and logistics management, data-driven decision-making, pricing and revenue management, online algorithm design, etc.


Statistical learning, non-parametric and semi-parametric statistical models and inference, functional data and longitudinal data analysis, spatio-temporal data analysis, Bayesian statistics, random matrix theory and applications, high-dimensional statistics, high-dimensional data analysis, high-dimensional econometric models, biostatistics, statistical genomics, computational biology, bioinformatics, statistical computing and big data analysis, time series analysis, resampling methods, Markov chains and Markov processes, applications of data science research for sensor networks and healthcare, sequential change detection, network data analysis, digital image analysis, applications of statistics in healthcare, smart cities, social media, and fintech, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, deep learning, large language models, reinforcement learning, generative AI; Trustworthy AI, AI security and privacy, explainability; Learning theory, neural network optimization, probabilistic machine learning; Computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, knowledge graphs; Scientific AI, medical AI, communication network AI, power system AI.

Labs and Research Centers

Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Big Data Computing

Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Mathematical Foundations for Artificial Intelligence

Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Pattern Analysis and Perceptual Computing

The Joint Laboratory of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

The Advanced Biometric Research Center (AdBRC)

Research Center on Smart Cloud and Internet of Things

System Software Laboratory

Human Language Technology Lab

The Laboratory for Intelligent Autonomous Systems


The School of Data Science (SDS) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a beacon of intellectual excellence, embodying a cadre of globally recognized scientists, academic trailblazers, and emerging scholars from around the world. Together, they wield a wealth of collective expertise, innovative pedagogy, and hands-on industry experience, drawn from decades of immersion in scientific research. This diverse team includes an academician honored by both the Royal Society of Canada and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, another holding memberships with the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and an esteemed academician of the Academy of Engineering, Singapore (SAEng). Further enhancing SDS's academic stature are thirteen fellows of esteemed international academic societies, twenty-two scientists ranked within the top 2% worldwide (according to Stanford and Elsevier), one amongst the global top 100 preeminent scientists in the field of computer science and electronics, and four listed within the top 1000 in the same domains. Furthermore, SDS takes pride in having twenty-eight members who serve as editors for international academic journals.

Academic Publications