Executive Dean
Presidential Chair Professor
Academic Area: Machine Learning and Applications
Email: zhahy@cuhk.edu.cn
Presidential Chair Professor
Academic Area: Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Biometrics
Email: davidzhang@cuhk.edu.cn
Presidential Chair Professor
Academic Area: Numerical Optimization, Algorithm Design, Analysis and Implementation, Applications of Optimization in Various Areas, particularly in Data Science, Image/Signal Processing and Machine Learning
Email: yinzhang@cuhk.edu.cn
Professor (Adjunct)
Academic Area: Natural language processing, Machine translation, Text data mining, Human-computer dialogue system, Linguistic cognitive computing
Professor (Fractional)
Academic Area: Optimization and Equilibrium, Digital Supply Chain and Smart Logistics, Transportation Science, Platform Economics and Management
Professor (Courtesy)
Academic Area: FinTech, Blockchain Technology and Business Applications, Big Data Applications in Business, Workflow Technology and Management
Email: leonzhao@cuhk.edu.cn
Assistant Professor
Academic Area: Data-Driven Queuing Networks, Online Algorithm Design, Supply Chain Management and Applications
Email: zhanghailun@cuhk.edu.cn
Research Assistant Professor
Academic Area: Computer Vision and Deep Learning
Email: zhangruimao@cuhk.edu.cn
Personal Website: http://www.zhangruimao.site